12 Gauge Seven Troy Ounce Silver Bullet Bullion

Available in small or large quantities.

Near-exact replica of its real counterpart.

Unmatched levels of detail for every shell.

A system of measurement that feels familiar.

Unique headstamps show the cartridge's details.

True-to-life packaging complete with certificate of authenticity. Available in boxes of five or one.

Spot Price

  • Bid:
  • $14.23
  • Ask:
  • $14.36

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  • Caliber:
  • 12 Gauge
  • Overall Length:
  • 2.46 in
    62.48 mm
  • Base Diameter:
  • .9 in
    22.86 mm
  • Purity:
  • .999
  • Silver Content:
  • Seven troy ounces

7 Troy Ounce Silver Bullet Bullion - 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell

The Colt 45 may have been the gun that settled the west, but the 12-gauge shotgun has been the great equalizer for many, from stagecoach security riding “shotgun” to modern day SWAT and riot police.

Summoning the shell’s legendary power, Northwest Territorial Mint offers the 12 gauge shotgun shell replica made with pure investment-grade .999-fine silver. Weighing 7 Troy oz each, the 12 Gauge Silver Bullet Bullion won’t fire in a weapon, but it will make a fine addition to your growing investment arsenal.

Whether you are a hunter, or recreational shooter, or have someone in your life who is, you can purchase these unique 12-gauge silver reproductions for investment, as a gift, or use as an award.