.45 Long Colt 1.5 Troy Ounce Silver Bullet Bullion

Available in small or large quantities.

Near-exact replica of its real counterpart.

Unmatched levels of detail for every cartridge.

Unique headstamps show the cartridge's details.

A system of measurement that feels familiar.

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  • $14.23
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  • $14.36

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  • Caliber:
  • .45 Long Colt
  • Overall Length:
  • 1.670 in
    42.49 mm
  • Base Diameter:
  • .490 in
    12.45 mm
  • Purity:
  • .999
  • Silver Content:
  • 1.5 Troy Ounce

Hi-Yo Silver! AWAY! The only bullet the Lone Ranger would think of using to disarm his opponents, now you too can own a near-perfect replica of the .45 Long Colt, made with pure investment-grade .999-fine silver!

Weighing 1.5 Troy oz each, .45 Long Colt Silver Bullet Bullion won’t fuel your revolver to stop the Cavendish Gang, but is perfect for building up your precious metal investment arsenal. These 1.5 Troy oz silver bullets would also make an excellent award for a shooting competition, sales award, or even as a gift for the history buff in your life.

The Lone Ranger sprang onto the cultural scene with the famous ammo of the American frontier, the .45 Long Colt! With its unique combination of accuracy and power, no other cartridge would do. Using special bullets designed by his friend, retired Ranger Jim Blaine, the Lone Ranger fought the bad guys and won every single time.

Each Silver Bullet Bullion 1.5 Troy oz .45 Long Colt includes a unique headstamp showing the bullion’s weight and fineness and is shipped in an individual polybag that comes with a certificate of authenticity.