Silver Bullet Bullion: A Unique Silver Investment

One of the most unique silver investments these days is Silver Bullet Bullion because it represents a powerful symbol against the most out of control inflationary policies ever created in the history of civilization. Say no to the deficit spending, quantitative easing measures, and the failed policies of the Federal Reserve Bank with your own silver bullets.

These silver bullets are unique silver bullion items are exact replicas of the most well known ammunition and are available in a variety of sizes.

The one troy ounce silver bullet bullion round is modeled after the .45 ACP round, which is used in the world-renowned Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol.

Containing 10 troy ounces of .999-fine silver bullion the .50 BMG round pays tribute to one of the most well known pieces of ammunition in military history. Firearms enthusiasts and those who served in the military will instantly recognize these bullets that have been widely used since World War I.

If you are really looking to solidify your silver portfolio, then the 25 Troy Ounce Silver Bullet Bullion hits the mark. This is a solid silver replica shell that is used in the 20mm cannon. Each one is individually shipped in a customized box that can be easily stored or used for display. One of the advantages of this 25 troy ounce round is that it is an easy way to transport a large amount of wealth in a compact space.

Why Silver Makes Sense

The reasons to buy silver bullion are more convincing than ever. It is a tangible safe haven asset that offers protection against the wealth destroying policies of the Federal Reserve and unrestrained spending by the government.

In response to the actions and polices that are eroding our monetary base, more and more individuals are taking a stand to protect their wealth and all that they have worked hard for - they are buying silver.

Silver is a timeless asset that has always had purchasing power. It was used as a currency to facilitate trade thousands of years ago, and silver was used as a foundation for the creation of the global economy which we are so familiar with today.

It is no surprise then, during these uncertain and unusual economic times that we turn to the traditional asset and store of value that has existed for centuries. We have a natural desire for something real and meaningful, and silver for all intents and purposes is real money.

The traditional avenues for an investment in silver are silver bullion, silver coins, silver certificates, and silver exchange traded stocks. Each method is different, and should be well understood to make the best investment decision possible.

Best Ways To Invest In Silver

By far, of the most straightforward way to invest in silver is by purchasing silver bullion products such as government minted silver bullion coins, or privately minted silver bullion rounds and bars.

Silver bullion is as close to pure silver as you can get, being .999 pure. Since the price of silver is measured in terms of dollars per troy ounce, the appeal of silver bullion to first time investors is that they can easily determine the value of their metal at any given point in time by simply referencing the current spot price of silver.