About Northwest Territorial Mint

Serving the bullion investment community for almost 30 years, Northwest Territorial Mint is located in Federal Way, Washington, and is a leading private mint in the United States.

Large Mint Facility

We have a large physical plant, a work force of 300, and many long-standing minted products. At our modern 118,000 square foot minting facility, we strike both silver bullion and palladium bullion products that are well established in the industry.

Custom Minting

As a private mint, we are a leading supplier of military challenge or unit coins, police and fire department coins, municipal and government custom commemorative coins. Our designs have commemorated events, honored champions and saluted achievements large and small for nearly three decades. Our medallions have been bestowed as merit awards, retirement gifts and traded as souvenirs and collectors' items.

Custom Minting

Precious Metals Bullion

As a primary precious metal bullion mint, Northwest Territorial Mint is a leader in the wholesale and retail supply of silver, gold, palladium and platinum precious metal bullion. Our expert, non-commissioned bullion representatives have helped bullion investors process millions of transactions for almost three decades.

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Retail Coin Store

We offer online purchases of a wide variety of military coins, commemoratives, and special occasion coins for collectors or for gift giving. Over 6,000 items to choose from, with more added daily.

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